About Us

AL-TAKBEER & CO, principally a beef company, has a vested interest in the growth and development of small-scale communal cattle herds. The communal herd represents the mainstay of the beef industry in Pakistan and is critical for the sustainability of future business

About Us

AL-TAKBEER & CO has been in operation since 2018. We are a feedlot farming company, situated on Dhamkye District Sheikhupura in Lahore. Sheikhupura being in Punjab, is primarily and traditionally a cattle-producing area, we have intensive feedlot with a capacity of 2500 head Quarterly (375 Tons Meat) Grain Fed. Scientifically formulated livestock feed is blended on site. This enables us to produce a relatively cost effective and efficient ration, with the correct nutritional requirements. We are currently supplying high quality meat to Certified Abattoir and Meat Exporters in Pakistan. Our Animals are slaughtered at Government Approved Abattoir ( Tazij Meat and Foods, Abedin International) with Halal Certifications, ISO certifications, Environment agency Certifications and Animal Quarantine Certifications. Currently we are exporting Chilled Beef Carcass to GCC, KSA, Qatar, Oman through Meat Exporters. Being a Direct source of Beef from our Farms, we specialize in high quality beef meat from Pakistan which enable us to provide high quality beef meat at better price, as we are direct farmer.


AL-TAKBEER & CO is a private company. The AL-TAKBEER & CO has grown from initial farming operations in Patoki, to an agribusiness group with diversified interests in beef, chicken and other meat proteins. Now having 5 Fattening Farms with the capacity of 3000 heads per month in different area of Punjab This diversified portfolio of business operations is designed to add value and strengthen the Group’s position in the marketplace.

Group has strategically taken advantage of numerous backward and forward vertical integration opportunities, securing the supply chain in vital areas, ensuring strategic sourcing and supplier focused alliances that have contributed to the economic upliftment of rural and small-scale producers in both beef and chicken. The Group has also developed national representation through a network of wholesale depots and agents, in strategic geographic locations, with further expansion planned for the future.